5 Inspirational Industry Leaders You'll Meet at CAMfire

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on December 11, 2015


In February, TOPS will be hosting the second annual CAMfire Conference.

It all started with the idea that our annual user conference, while good, did not serve a larger purpose. It taught TOPS users about TOPS products, but we realized that we had an opportunity to do so much more. This industry has served us faithfully for 30 years and it was well past time to give back.

We started with a mission statement to explain what we were trying to create:

The mission of CAMfire is to INFORM you about CAM industry trends, INSPIRE you to be a positive force, and IGNITE in you a passion to serve. CAMfire is where CAM professionals can gather to learn, network and build relationships.

We take this mission very seriously. CAMfire is not a sales tool, although we do showcase new products and provide training on existing products. It's not just for networking, although we do bring in industry professionals and business partners for you to meet and make connections with. It's not just for TOPS users, although we do provide product training and advice to help you reach the next level of automation.

The core purpose is those three words: Inform, Inspire and Ignite. Everything we do in planning the conference is directed by those three words.

So when it came time to book our keynote speakers for the conference this year, we looked to people inside and outside of the industry that we felt could further our mission. I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to those keynote speakers and show how we feel they will do just that.

Shane Parrish, Farnam Street Blog

Shane Parrish is a highly respected blogger and business consultant who writes the Farnam Street Blog. In Farnam Street, Shane shares his voracious love of learning with over 70,000 subscribers.

If you read Farnam Street to improve your business, make better decisions, become a better reader or even a better thinker, you will get what you came for. But you can get so much more than that.

Shane Parrish studies smart people from every walk of life (and time), and then finds new and exciting ways to put their ideas together so that we can understand and implement them.

In addition to his blog, Shane has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and many other respected sources. If you want to emulate Shane's life goal of going to bed a little smarter every night, the Farnam Street Blog is a great place to begin.

We are so thrilled to have Shane as our main keynote speaker for CAMfire. Shane will be speaking on social responsibility and how it can contribute to the success of your business.

Paul Grucza, Past President, CAI National

When it comes to community association management, Paul Grucza is a rock star. From working in the trenches as a community association manager, to the lofty heights as president of CAI National, and many weird and wonderful places in between, Paul is a fountainhead of stories and anecdotes from the CAM industry, and his presentations are always lively and punctuated with these stories.

He's also a big thinker, always looking out for the trends and issues that will be affecting community association management into the future.

In his keynote, Paul will be discussing an issue that he's done a lot of thinking on. In fact, his voice is one of the very few in this industry speaking out about it.

There are over 60 million baby boomers in the United States today. A very large portion of them are living in community associations. And they are getting older.

What does this 'Graying of America' mean for community associations?

For a preview of the material Paul will be covering in his keynote, check out his guest post on this very blog: 'Preparing Your Association for Aging In Place'

Mike Hardy, TOPS President

After taking over as President and CEO of TOPS Software in 2013, Mike Hardy set about to reinvent the 30-year old company. He has traveled around the country meeting with Management Company executives, industry leaders and technology partners to learn the challenges facing the industry, and formulate ways to overcome those challenges.

In his keynote, Mike will reveal the 5 year plan (Project Blue Sky) that he implemented at TOPS, and talk about how his travels have influenced the company and the technology TOPS offers to become an agent for change in the CAM industry.

Julie Adamen, Adamen Inc. and
Rolf Crocker, OMNI Community Management

If you want to put on a good industry-themed show, you cannot find a more powerhouse pair than Julie Adamen and Rolf Crocker.

Julie Adamen is one of the most prolific writers and speakers for the CAM industry. Her monthly newsletter, HOA Manager Newsline is read religiously by over 15,000 CAM professionals. Her articles are unapologetically long, intelligent and thought-provoking. Every article feels like she is talking directly to you, about the very issues you've been struggling with.

Julie is a straight shooter with a speaking style that tells it like it is and doesn't take any crap. Not only are you guaranteed to learn something useful, you'll walk away from Julie's talks motivated to be better - as a manager, as a business, as a person.

On the other side of the coin, Rolf Crocker is the CEO of OMNI Community Management and the President of Crocker Management Concepts, publisher of HOA Director Magazine.

Rolf is also a regular contributor to the HOA Manager Newsline, where he has been painfully honest, documenting his process in taking over a troubled management company and building it into something great. Reading his story, you feel like you're there with him, feeling his struggles and rooting for his success.

In addition to his industry chops, Rolf is a minister, a musician, and father of 6. (!) His laid back and open speaking style is both inviting and deceptive. You think you're just having a good time, but you'll learn so much!

Julie and Rolf will be speaking together about corporate culture, a subject they have both written extensively about, and is also near and dear to our hearts at TOPS. For a sneak peek into the minds of this dynamic duo, read their series "This Stuff Really Works!" Part One | Part Two

Come and see all five of these amazing speakers, and many more at CAMfire in February. Classes and registration are now open.


*Image credit: Pixabay user Unsplash

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