13 of the Most Influential Articles of 2017

Posted by Meigan Montoya on December 29, 2017

With the year coming to a close, we wanted to take a moment to shine a light on some of our most influential articles from 2017. These articles touched on a variety of important talking points, hardships, and new ways to approach the community association management industry.

Negotiating the Sale of a Management Company


Sales agreements can be tricky. Here is some important information for Buyers and Sellers to keep in mind while negotiating the sale of a management company.

Hiring a Property Manager? She's Right Under Your Nose

Working Women.jpeg

Management companies are seeking new ways to attract the best community association management talent. But your best talent may be right under your nose!

How to Start a Technology Revolution in your Management Company

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Keeping up with technology can be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to revolutionize your management company and stay competitive.

Playing Technology Catch-Up in the CAM Industry

Last Place Rider.png

Every industry it seems has found a way to evolve steadily alongside technology...except for the CAM Industry. Why? And how do we catch up quickly?

Is the Robot Apocalypse Inevitable in the CAM Industry?


The future is now and automation is the new world order. How do you survive the impending robot apocalypse? You make it work for you--find out how.

How To Be Better Than a Robot in the CAM Industry

Cupcake ATM NS.png

Until recently, it’s been pretty easy to out-shine an automated service. But that’s quickly changing. So how do you keep yourself relevant? You CAN be better than a robot with this advice.

New Survey Exposes Payment Technology Surge in the CAM Industry

women buying online with card-1.png

BillingTree surveyed property managers and HOAs to gather insight into what challenges they face, and what payment collections solutions they have explored.

Here's Looking at Resales, Kid. (Understanding HOA & Condo Resale Disclosures)

Casablanca BTS.png

Resale disclosure protects the buyer as well as the community association from starting off their new relationship on the wrong foot by exposing hidden dangers. (Plus, it's the law!)

This is the Right Way to Respond to Disaster in Community Association Management

man grieving over destroyed house.png

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the Houston CAI chapter sent a letter to area CAM Professionals. What it said will change the way you look at disaster recovery.

International Espionage and You: Why a Russian Hack Matters to Community Associations


The recent revelation that Russian hackers may have used Kaspersy's antivirus software could have ramifications for your community association management company.

Measuring the Health of your Community Collections Process

Money Clock.png

A poor collections process can result in higher dues, special assessments, loss of amenities and even being turned down for loans. What grade is your community?

Pitching to the Board: A Sales Presentation for Management Companies


Your pitch deck is your intro, your elevator pitch, your sales brochure and your proposal all wrapped up into one visual presentation. Here's what to put in it.

What is Net Neutrality and Why is it Important to CAM Professionals?


At the end of 2017, the FCC voted to overturn regulations concerning the ways Americans are provided access to information, allowing ISPs to decide what data is provided at normal speeds, slow speeds, or not at all to their consumers. This article speculates a variety of ways this new lack of structure can impact community association managers, the communities they manage, and their own personal lives.

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