3 Ways #CAMfireConference will Reinvigorate You and Your Management Company

Posted by Tony Hatzidakis on August 27, 2014


How can you, a busy Community Association Management Professional, find the time to attend a 2-day, jam-packed, value-rich, inspiring, CAM industry event? What if we tell you that by attending the CAMfire Conference, you will benefit from hearing and discussing key ways to reinvigorate both you and your management company? Better: What if we let other CAM industry professionals who attended the first CAMfire of the year advise you! Actually, we’ll do a bit of both!

We conducted a survey after our St. Petersburg, Florida event on August 7-8, and found out what exactly participants liked most about it. We asked: What was your favorite part of the CAMfire Conference and why? So this week we’re sharing the top 3 reasons why you should attend the next CAMfire Conference.

Reason #1: Classes and Keynotes

Very knowledgeable and entertaining.

This surely applies to all of the keynote speakers, but in particular, did you hear that one keynote speaker enhanced his talk by covering a classic Eagles tune?

The panel sessions were great.

One panel discussion where knowledge was shared in abundance was the panel discussion on “social media.” The four social media mavens pictured below shared their collective experience running their own social media centers. The social media panel is happening in Vegas too!


Panelists, L to R: Donna DiMaggio Berger, Gina Holbrook, Ashley Capps and Andrea Drennen
[The TOPS Zone] offered knowledgeable people.

While not exactly a class, "The TOPS Zone" is truly a learning center because it’s staffed with TOPS experts (even during class time). Unlike another “Zone”, the TOPS Zone is a “dimension” where you see real TOPS products and new ones to be available soon.


Kris Beauchamp, Product Owner at TOPS, demonstrates the all-new TOPS Go! app.

Are you a TOPS user? Come ask your lingering questions to TOPS experts. Are you interested in using TOPS, let TOPS experts show you our industry-leading Condo/HOA industry-specific software.

I really liked the diverse selection of breakout sessions.
Very informative.

CAMfire offers classes for everyone. As a Manager, Accountant, Executive, or a TOPS user of any skill level, you will find classes that will help you grow personally or grow your business.

Reason #2: Meeting TOPS Staff

Spending time one-on-one with TOPS staff—it was very educational.
Interacting with the TOPS professionals one-on-one allowed me to ask critical questions that didn't fit into any of the other courses and allowed me to move at my own pace to understand and move on!

Enough said.

Meeting the people I work with on the phone.
Being able to give feedback to TOPS representatives.

Because CAMfire is an expanded TOPS User Conference, it’s a great opportunity to learn from TOPS experts who will be on-hand. We’re always listening and responding, so if you have feedback, talk to us!

I really enjoyed the "culture" of TOPS employees. Nice to see that in practice. (I'm a people watcher.)

Whether companies think of it or not, culture is something that all companies have. How can your management company’s culture be improved? Find out at CAMfire! TOPS has a fostered a culture - we even have a class at CAMFire on it!

Reason #3: Meeting other Professionals

Exchanging information with other owners.
Getting to know other people in the business.
Interacting with other CAM companies & vendors.


Not to be underestimated, CAMfire is an amazingly effective way to interact with other CAM industry professionals.


Play your cards right and meet other CAM professionals at CAMfire!

You’ll not only benefit from the classes and keynotes, but you can be maximizing your time by mingling with other CAM industry professionals and partners! Go for it!

So there you have it. The top 3 reasons to attend CAMfire: Classes and Keynotes, Meet and talk to TOPS Staff and meet and learn from other CAM Professionals.

CAMfire is a gathering of great people and is a forum where many great presentations and interactions take place. And unlike some of the games in Vegas, you’re sure to win by attending CAMfire! Ready to register? We hope to see you there!

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