Forget the yellow pages. Inbound is the new way to market your CAM management company

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on October 3, 2014


For management companies struggling to grow (and let's be honest, who doesn't want to grow?) marketing is a necessary evil. Techniques to attract new communities don't work in modern times like they did in the 'good' old days.

Methods like the old school 'drive-by marketing' ruse wherein one drives through a community and asks passing homeowners the name of their board president, or the ever popular yellow pages option simply don't work like they once did.

In today's tech savvy world (and let's face it, with people over the age of 55 being the fastest growing online demographic, even aging communities are increasingly more tech savvy) you need to present your business where your dream clients are looking, and that is online - specifically search engines.

The good news is that there IS a better way. It's called Inbound Marketing, and it can change the way you do business for the better.

I recently had the honor of giving a presentation on inbound at the TOPS CAMfire Conference.

I love inbound marketing for two reasons. One, it feels good to be useful and helpful to people, and it feels even better to have people reward you by becoming a customer because of that help. (Despite my role in marketing, traditional marketing techniques have always felt pushy and uncomfortable to me.) The second reason I love inbound marketing is because, quite simply, it works. 

Many of the people I have talked to think that they cannot implement a marketing strategy like this because they think they cannot afford it - either they don't think they have the time, or the money to hire a full time person, or to buy expensive tools and services. The irony is that you really don't need any of those things to start using inbound. In fact, studies have shown that companies can actually save money from their marketing budget by adopting an inbound strategy.

Below you will find the presentation from that session. Please enjoy, and if you have any questions on using inbound marketing for your community association management company, drop me a line on Google+, Twitter or Facebook and I will be happy to answer!


Be Your Own Boss in Community Association Management

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