CAMfire Sparks Presents: The Incredible Machine

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 11:22:04 AM

Postponed until May 25th 2017,  @ 2PM (EST)
CAMfire Sparks Presents: The Incredible Machine

Modern businesses have transformed into complex enviroments that utilize a varity of diverse applications. In business applications, we often reference the word “workflow” when describing different processes. If you find yourself manually compiling or distributing reports, you are losing hours you could be dedicating to more importants tasks. Software automation truly is the incredible machine in database applications. There's no limit to benefits that automation can bring your company.

Register for 'The Incredible Machine' webinar today and learn how to automate many of the manual operations negatively impacting your business.    

On Thursday, join us to see Chris Kelsey and learn how to build your own 'Incredible Machine' in your community association management operation.

May 25th 2017,  @ 2PM (EST)

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