TOPS Unveils TOPS 2000 WE for your Smart Watch

Posted on Apr 1, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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TOPS 2000 WE: It's time to get your
CAM Management on Track!

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TOPS 2000 WE on Abacus Palm Watch:

For when you need to manage from the
pool or shower - It's waterproof!

Free jeweler's loupe included with
every sale: stylish and functional!

Introducing TOPS 2000 WE

TOPS Software announced today a new addition to the TOPS product family, a fusion of old and new technology called
TOPS 2000 WE.

Senior Developer Wayne Drennen tells the story:

"I love my smartwatch, but very few applications actually run on it, so I was excited when I learned that an enterprising young developer had gotten Windows 95 running on his smart watch. Since TOPS 2000® was created specifically for Windows 95, it just made sense to port a version of our old software to work on this new technology."

The new TOPS 2000 WE (Wrist Edition) works on all models of smartwatch, including iWatch and Android smartwatches, and even older models like the Abacus Palm Watch for the Palm OS.

Nicole Beal, TOPS Director of Professional Services, believes old and new clients will love the fusion of technologies, “I am so happy that Smartwatch technology is finally catching up with our development. This is the platform that TOPS 2000® was designed for!”

Early access customers are very excited for the new technology: "I demoed TOPS [ONE] at CAMfire 2016 and I found it to be nothing short of amazing." says Ben Isip of Towers Property Management, "But TOPS 2000 on my smartwatch, now this is a real game changer."

Even partners who previewed the watch had great things to say: "I knew I was hanging onto my Abacus Palm Watch for a reason," said  Butch Lesniak, President of Abacus 21.

The program may be challenging for some customers due to the size of the watch screen, but TOPS has come up with a solution for this as well, which is why each edition of TOPS 2000 WE is sold with a companion jeweler's loupe, which is both stylish and effective!

Support is easy too! Simply Fedex your smartwatch to TOPS support offices, we'll fix it and send it back to you within 5 business days, guaranteed. 

For more information on this exciting new development, contact your TOPS Account Manager at 800-760-9966.




Thanks for reading to the end. Happy April Fools Day Everyone!



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