TOPS [ONE] Update

Posted on Jun 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM


The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:



  • Address Details
    • Two new fields have been added to all addresses: Business Name and Country. Additional merge codes have been added tot he Merge Code Manager. All 'Complete Address' merge codes have been updated to accommodate for the new fields:


  • Mobile UI
    • Resolved an issue on some mobile devices where the actions button was hidden until the user scrolled down


Client Profile

  • Edit Client
    • Added a field to enter the company's tax ID

Custom Fields

  • Add Custom Field
    • Resolved an issue where not all available fields would appear for certain properties, communities, etc.


Accounts Receivable

  • Adjustments
    • Added additional detail to error messages when trying to waive off more than the available balance

  • Cash Receipts
    • Users will now have the option of continuing with a cash receipt for properties that have a status of 'Hold Payment':

    • Optimized the 'Amount' field when entering cash receipts for mobile users and those with smaller resolutions
    • Manual Cash Receipts will now always show balances as of Today's date

  • Charges - New Feature - Import Owner Charges
    • A new option to import owner charges is now available under the actions menu. The sample file available in the modal will create a list of properties to enter codes and amounts. All amounts must be positive values:

  • Collections
    • Improved collection candidate process. Owners who have reduced their balance below the minimum liability during the delinquency time frame should no longer appear as a collection candidate
  • Export Validation File
    • Added a new format for 'Union Bank'
    • Resolved issues with validation file format

  • Invoices & Statements
    • Added the ability to create statements based on specific charge codes:

  • Late Fees
    • Resolved an issue where the minimum liability was not being respected

Accounts Payable

  • Adjustments
    • Resolved an issue where bills marked as paid via an adjustment were not appearing throughout the application as they should have been (activity feeds, reports, batch payments, etc.)

  • Enter Bills
    • Bills will now only accept a positive value
    • New transaction type: Credit Memo
      • A new transaction type available in the 'Enter Bills' screen
      • Only accepts a negative value
      • Select credit memos when making payments to off-set bills:

General Ledger

  • Budgets
    • Added additional scrolling when editing the budgets page for a better user experience:


Work Order

  • Work Order Tickets
    • When utilizing the 'All Communities' selector, only communities in that user's list should appear


  • Violation Ticket View
    • Added the ability to undo a single violation's action

    • Added a 'Due Date' field to violations. A corresponding merge code has been added to the Merge Code Manager:



  • Aged Owner Balance
    • Continued Improvement on report accuracy
  • Budgets
    • Report will now pull data specific to the current fiscal year

  • Cash Receipt Deposit
    • Resolved an issue with duplicate records and duplicate check numbers showing

  • Management Reports
    • Resolved an issue where items from all communities were appearing on the CCR, Work Order, and Service Request reports

  • Owner Balance
    • Resolved sorting on owner name to sort by Last Name



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