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Posted on Apr 7, 2017 1:22:45 PM

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The TOPS [ONE] development team has added a number of new additions and updates to the platform. Long-awaited features such as batch processing actions for CCR are now available as part of the base feature-set. For a full list of the new features and bug fixes that were included in this list, read below.

As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:


  • Links in emails generated from TOPS [ONE] should now be correctly formatted regardless of recipient’s email client
  • All provisioning emails are now generating


  • Global Search – Improved global search algorithm for more accurate initial results.


  • KPIs – The property and owner KPIs have been removed from the home page. The Work Orders, Service Requests, and Violations KPIs will now lead to their respective tickets page with the ‘All Communities’ selector in place:
    3-0-7-3 kpis.png
  • Activities – Removed individual owner letters from the Home page activity feed. It will now only show the letter batch.
  • My Tasks – Several new tasks have been added to 'My Tasks':
    • Filters – New Filter options are now available in the My Tasks feed:
      3-0-7-3 activity-filters.png
      • (!) – Shows all open tasks and comments assigned to the user whose due date fall on today’s date or earlier. This is the default filter when loading the page.
      • (3d) – Shows all open tasks and comments assigned to the user whose due date is today’s date and those up to two days in the future.
      • (Week) – Shows all open tasks and comments assigned to the user whose due date fall within the dates of the previous Saturday and upcoming Sunday.
      • (All) – Shows all open tasks and comments assigned to the user, regardless of due date.
    • Comments – Comments made on open management items will now appear in the My Tasks feed. There are two scenarios where this may occur:
      • 'User A' created the management item, and 'User B' commented on the open item
      • The user is the second to last user to have commented on the item. This creates a way for communication on open items between users in the system
    • Comments can be removed from the My Tasks feed by click the ‘Mark as Read’ button in the comment detail:
      3-0-7-3 task comments.png
    • Tasks with a future due date can now be closed/removed from the My Tasks feed on the home page


Community Setup

  • Deleted Communities – KPIs on the admin page will no longer account for deleted communities (including transactions and owners/properties that belonged to the removed communities)


  • Owner Resale – Several improvements to functionality and display during resale process when choosing to split the account history on a specific date, splitting transaction history between the new and previous owner


  • Localization – Changes were made across the board to ensure that post dates and times are accurately mapped to the user’s local time zone.
  • Cost Centers
    • When applicable, cost centers will now appear on transaction review pages
    • Bank accounts that shared the same main account will display their distinct balances

Accounts Receivable

  • Lockbox – Users may now select their bank from the 'Export HOA Validation' function:
    3-0-7-3 LB Validation.png
  • General – Several improvements and optimizations have been made to AR functions (Apply Charges, Late Fees, Interest, Apply Prepaid, Collections)
  • Late Fees – Assessments that do not have a set minimum liability will assume $0.00 when running Late Fee processes
  • Cash Receipts
    • Cash receipts should no longer post to codes if it would bring their balance below $0.00. It will follow the code distribution list
    • The activity feed detail for cash receipts will once again appropriately scope to the owner when appropriate

General Ledger

  • Journal Entries – The ‘Journal Entry’ KPI has been removed due to obsolescence and the ‘Recurring Entries’ KPI will now link to the Automation page

Accounts Payable

  • Chart of Accounts Cost Centers – When assigning cost centers, there is now a check box select/deselect all accounts:
    3-0-7-3 cost centers.png

  • Swapping Communities – Resolved an issue where switching from one community to another during bill entry caused a mismatch in the community selector and the actual selected community

  • Handwritten Checks – The vendor feed’s running balance will now correctly account for handwritten checks

  • Accounting Method – Fixed a problem with modified accrual accounting not posting AP transactions correctly
  • Cost Centers – Corrected several issues with cost-centers not displaying AP transactions correctly



>>Download Violation Batch Actions User Guide<<

  • Violation Tickets – Batch functionality has been added to allow you to process multiple tickets at one time (such as running violation letters.) See additional documentation for:
    • Assign multiple violations to a batch for processing
    • Skipping violation actions
    • Editing violation fees before posting
    • Process multiple communities at once
    • Print entire letter batches at once

    Note: Due to these new additions, violations will no longer automatically process at any level. All levels must be manually processed individually or through the new batch actions



  • Job Listings
    • All automation jobs should correctly list the community for which the job is associated.
    • Resolved issues with Automation that would cause some jobs to not display on the on the automation/jobs page
  • Job Run Dates – Automation job next run dates will no longer be off by +1 day (Ex: If your job ran on 3/1, the next run date would read 4/2). Any existing jobs will need to be edited or recreated for this change to take affect
  • Bills – Bills without a set bill number can no longer be set to ‘Automate – Automatically Post Transaction’


  • Report Packages – Report packages can once again be saved
  • Report Headers – Column headers will now print at the top of each page of a report, instead of just the first page:
     3-0-7-3 columnheaders.png
  • Owner Communication Preference – This new report lists out owners, separated by their communication preference (print or email):
    3-0-7-3 owner communications.png
  • Audit Log Report – The audit log date range will now correctly filter based on the post date of the transaction (rather than modified date)
  • Annual Meeting Report – Annual meeting report will no longer display renters
  • Aged Owner Balances Report – Aged Owner Balance will no longer drop charges that go beyond 90 days
  • Check Register Report – The Check Register report will now display voided transactions and the check totals more intuitively
  • Management Reports – Work Order and CCR reports will now respect the filters applied when exported


  • Templates
    • Fixed an issue where templates wouldn’t always recognize a community and cause an error when running processes with templates
  • Merge Codes
    • The <<OwnerActivityStatement>> merge code should now display correctly on statements when moved to a different position.
    • Resolved issue with <<MailingCityStateZip>> merge code


  • Optimal Outsource – Made several corrections Optimal Outsource statement export file.



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