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Posted on Jan 17, 2017 10:16:02 AM

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The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] 1/17/2017. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:


Year End

  • 1099 Summary and Export – Located in the reports menu you will find the new 1099 summary and export to list and track all vendors in the system for whom a 1099 should be generated:
    3-0-0-0 year end report.png


  • Global Search - Improved global search functionality for single digit street numbers


Community Setup

  • Charge Code Categories and Linkage – There is now an option to import code categories during the community setup wizard based on codes already imported. There is a link available to download a sample file for reference:
    3-0-0-0 Import Charge Code Categories.png
    • Additionally, properties are linked to categories via the property import file using the structure of ‘[Code Alias] + Category’. The category sequence number is entered here. The below example is for a charge code A1:
      3-0-0-0 code alias.png

Codes Setup

  • Codes Index - Surfaced missing text (such as frequencies, descriptions, etc.) on the code index page
  • Action Tables - Resolved an issue where adding/removing sequences/action levels for applicable codes (i.e violations) was not behaving as expected

  • Custom Fields - After deleting custom data from a custom field in a homeowner, renter, property, vendor or other agent, you may now also remove the field itself.

Accounting Setup

  • Accounting Year - Resolved several issues with setting up a new accounting year, as well as the creation of a fiscal year when setting up a new community
  • Beginning Balances - Implemented the ability to enter beginning balances without hitting the General Ledger



  • Community Delete – Communities can now be deleted. Located in the community panel of the Admin page is an ‘x’ next to each community. Clicking this will remove the community. If you may need the community available at a later date, remove the community from all community lists instead. Once a community is removed, it and all related agents and transactions cannot be accessed:
    3-0-0-0 community delete.png
    3-0-0-0 delete.png
  • Current Period – The current period will now display on the community profile page beneath the community name:
    3-0-0-0 current period.png


Accounts Receivable

  • Invoices and Statements – When doing future charges, you can now select from specific codes:
    3-0-0-0 AR-futurechg select codes.png
  • Lockbox - Validation files sent to your bank for lockbox processing will now generate the amount in the proper currency format

General Ledger

  • Chart of Accounts – Detail has been added to the account history view to include what kind of transaction, a column for check number, and reference information when applicable. This is also true for the reconciliation view:
    3-0-0-0 CoA txn details.png
  • Budgets - Several resolutions and improvements to budget entry and display for different fiscal year

  • Accounting Year - Dates will now display correctly when accounting year is set to quarterly

Accounts Payable

  • Check Numbers - Changed ‘Starting Check Number’ on the bank account edit page to ‘Current Check Number’. The next check printed will be one (1) greater than the number entered

  • Bills - References for bills will show truncated when reaching a certain length; Hover over to reveal the entire reference
  • Bills - Multi-bill payments will no longer repeat the bill and reference number from the first bill in the payment

  • Bills - You can now delete bills that incorporate more than one invoice (multi-bills) without leaving invoice remnants.


Work Order

  • New Chart – A new key performance indicator (KPI) chart will display on the Work Orders activity page, showing a breakdown of open work orders by code:
    3-0-0-0 WO Chart.png
  • Email to Vendor – When viewing a work order, there is now an option to email the work order information to the associated vendor:
    3-0-0-0 email to vendor.png
  • Work Order Assignments - Renters may now be attached to work orders


  • New Chart – A new key performance indicator (KPI) chart will display on the Violations activity page, showing a breakdown of open vioaltions by code:
    3-0-0-0 VIO Chart.png
  • Emailing Violation Letters – Violation letters will now email to the attached owner if the following criteria is met:
    1. The letter template is set to ‘Email’ in the Template Library
    2. The owner has been flagged to receive emails (Property Profile > Actions > Manage Settings
    3. The owner has a valid email address on file

      NOTE: There is no confirmation for email, or a preview of the document at this time. The email will be sent when the letter is generated. As we continue to work on these features, if you do not want violation letters emailed to owners turn off email for that template in the Template Library
  • Activity Feed - Resolved an issue where closed violations were not showing as closed in Internet Explorer.
  • Attachments - Attached images will no longer disappear on the activity feed when a violation is processed.



  • Reports Display - Improved the overall display of multiple reports so they look better on different devices, such as mobile and tablets. This should correct issues such as fields and buttons extended outside of their boxes on the screen.
  • Owners Phone – This report has been removed. The email field has been added to the Owners Summary report
  • Balance Sheet - Resolved multiple issues with Balance Sheet report
  • Trial Balance - Made improvements to the display of this report


  • Merge Code Manager - Several inactive/defunct merge codes have been removed from the merge code manager
  • Merge Code Manager - Several missing merge codes pertaining to check templates have been added to the merge code manager

  • Template Manager - Some newly provisioned clients were missing their default templates. This has been resolved and all affected parties should have all their templates.
  • Template Manager - Removed irrelevant templates from the list of available templates in the Send Letter feature



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