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Posted on Nov 15, 2016 9:46:41 AM

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TOPS_ONE_Update.pngThe TOPS [ONE] development team has added multiple new additions and updates to the platform based on client feedback.

The following new releases are live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform is automatically updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:


  • Users & Passwords - Confirming passwords for new users as well as the 'Forgot Password?' Process is now functioning correctly:
  • The default Administrator role created with each database can no longer have its permissions edited:
  • Resolved an issue where duplicate users would appear in the role management screen. Affected clients have had the duplicates removed.
  • Roles of the same name can no longer be added – a warning message will appear alerting the user.


    • Owner Resale - When performing a resale, assessment codes and categories will now appear.
    • Homeowners - Phone numbers for communities, owners, etc. Will now save correctly when edits are made.
    • Property - Unit number will now display with addresses where applicable.
    • Banks -
      • Bank accounts marked as 'Primary Account' will now be the default selection when posting AR and AP payment transactions.
      • Editing the default routing number for banks should now correctly update the associated bank accounts (those set to use the default routing number)
      • Resolved an issue where changing the starting check number for a bank account was not being respected by subsequent checks.

Accounts Receivable

  • Adjustments
    • The AR adjustment batch profile view will now show the street number as well as street name when displaying the owner's property address.
    • Resolved an issue where post dates for AR Adjustments were off by 1.
  • Coupons & Statements - Fixed paging problems when selecting individual owners for coupons
  • Interest - Several fixes were applied to the interest process to insure the calculations were corrected based on the entered criteria and selections.
  • Charges - AR Charge functions will not accept 10/31/2016 as a valid date.
  • Statements - When viewing the details of an AR Statements batch, owners beyond the 15th will now appear on additional pages
  • Collections - Resolved an issue where collections would accrue based on days delinquent OR delinquent amount rather than both.
  • Payments - Resolved several strange occurrences with the backout payment process

Accounts Payable

  • Bills - .
    • Cancelling a bill will now credit/debit all associated accounts when dealing with more than one distribution line
    • Adjusted Bills will now display on the activity feed
  • Check Register - Resolved an issue where the Check Register would create a record for each distribution in a handwritten check.
  • Vendors - The Vendor panel on the Admin page will now show correct number of open AP items
  • Batch Processing - Transactions that include batched documents (I.e AR Statements) will now show all the documents created when clicking the 'View Documents' button in the activity feed

General Ledger

  • No changes this patch.

Work Order & Service Requests

  • Work Orders - Corrected the message text for closing work orders from "CCR Violation has been Closed" to 'Work Order has been Closed"


  • Codes - Corrected unexpected behavior when deleting code categories for CCR and Collection code types.
  • Violation Records - Images attached to violation records will remain even after moving from one action level to the next.
  • Action Tables - Dates tied to previous actions and next actions will now reflect the dates they were run/should be run.
  • CCR Records - The <<CCRRecordsImage>> will now pull the main image on file for the violation

Merge Code Manager (Form Letter)

  • Microsoft Add-In! -  The merge code manager is now live. Download the app from the Microsoft app store within Microsoft Word and start creating and editing your templates
    >> Get the Merge Code Manager User Guide Here.
  • Mailing Labels - The community selection screen for mailing labels received an visual update. Additionally, the check box will now check when clicked:
  • Template Management - All relevant templates will now save to code categories that allow for a letter template (CCR, Collections)


  • AR Reports - Resolved an issue where AR reports would not recognize prepaid applied from adjustments or imports.
  • Reserve Statement - A date range has been added to this report's settings:
  • Aged Owner Balance Report - Resolved an issue where the Aged Owner Balance report would repeat an owner several times


  • Global Search - Some fine tuning was applied to the Global Search for more accurate results, specifically when dealing with single character search terms.
  • Tasks - Editing Task due dates will now successfully save as expected.
  • Activity Feed - Bills with more than one account in their distribution will display the unique accounts in the feed details – This issue affected the display only.
  • Comments - Comments added to management items (Work Orders, Violations, Service Requests) will now have a link to that comment's profile which will enable editing.



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