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Posted on Oct 24, 2016 5:32:00 AM

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TOPS_ONE_Update.pngThe TOPS [ONE] development team has added multiple new additions and updates to the platform based on client feedback.

The following new releases are live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform is automatically updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:

User Interface

  • Alerts - The old success and error messages will now appear at the bottom of the page. They have received a visual update as well:
    2-3-0-3 Alert Success.png

    2-3-0-3 Alert Error.png
    • Additionally, when deleting or removing data, there is now a confirmation box before finalizing the decision:
      2-3-0-3 Alert Confirm.png


  • Banks - Primary Account status for bank accounts is now community wide.
  • Properties & Owners
    • Resales - When performing an owner resale, the list of contacts will now display a scrolling list of all contacts.
    • Edit Owner - Clicking the ‘Add a Phone/Email/Web Address’ button will now correctly route to the primary owner edit page.

Accounts Receivable

  • Coupon Files -  Editing a partner has been reinstated. Coupon files will now generate correctly as a result.

Accounts Payable

  • Print Checks - Fixed issue that prevented Print Checks function from working correctly for newly created communities.
  • Void Checks - Users can now choose between individual checks with the same check number when voiding checks.
  • Vendors
    • Vendors are once again searchable in global search bar.
    • The Work Order count in the ‘Communities’ panel of the Vendor profile will now increment correctly
  • Bills 
    • Adjusting an open bill will allocate the amounts to the correct accounts regardless of the number of distribution lines.
    • Previously, when adding multiple bills with ‘Post & Add New’, attachments would display from the previous bill to the next. This will no longer happen

General Ledger

  • Budgets - When distributing budgets, when entering amounts that do not divide evenly amongst the available periods, the remaining amount will be added to the final period. This will also prevent the original amount from being altered due to rounding issues:
    2-3-0-3 GL Budget Distribution.png
  • Accounting Periods - Issues with Accounting Period dates ranges being ‘off by 1’ have been resolved
  • Account Selection - GL account selector will now close properly when clicking ‘cancel’
  • Fees - Fixed a bug where NSF fees debited/credited the opposite accounts.

Form Letter

  • Template Library -  Delivery settings have been added to templates. These can be set when uploading a new template, or any time afterward:
    2-3-0-3 Template Delivery full.png

    2-3-0-3 Template Delivery edit.png
    • Certified Mail – Marks the template for certified mail delivery.
    • Email – This will mark the template for email delivery. When sending letters via email, only letters selected for email will appear in the list of available templates.
    • Both – Selects and deselects both options
  • Letter Categories - Violation letter templates will correctly appear in the CCR Letter category of the template library.


  • Owner Reports
    • Prepaid Owners, Owner Balances & Aged Owner Balances - Fixed issues with display of the ‘AR Summary’ on prepaid owners, owner balance, and Aged Owner Balance Report
  • AP Reports
    • Check Register - AP Check Register will now display accurate information based on the user settings selected.
    • AP Open Items - The AP Open Items report will correctly filter and display the correct bill/item date
  • AR Reports
    • Collection Staus: Collection Status report will no longer display duplicate code balances.


  • Accounting Setup - Clicking ‘cancel’ in Accounting Setup will return to previous screen
  • Custom Fields - Custom fields with a type of ‘date’ will now save after edits are made to them



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