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Posted on Sep 29, 2016 11:31:21 AM

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TOPS_ONE_Update.pngThe TOPS [ONE] development team has added multiple new additions and updates to the platform based on client feedback.

The following new releases are live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform is automatically updated in the cloud.

Here's what's new:

User Interface

  • Menu Collapse: To provide users with maximum workspace, the menu is now collapsible in desktop mode. You can still navigate from the collapsed menu, but it will stay collapsed until you click it again:


  • Banks
    • Activity Feed - The feeds for banks and bank accounts will no longer display transactions that did not hit the associated GL account
    • Bank Profile - Corrected some formatting issues for lengthier email addresses under the ‘Contacts’ panel for Bank profiles
  • Communities
    • Codes - Codes will no longer save if the alias supplied is already in use for that community.
  • Owners
    • Owner Profile - Resolved an issue where printing the owner activity on the primary owner profile (instead of at the property profile) would produce nothing

Accounts Receivable

  • Adjustments: AR Adjustments will now display work order codes.
  • Apply Charges: Editing an Apply Charge function during the accrual process will now successfully post
  • Statements: Resolved an issue where missing email caused AR Statements not to generate

Accounts Payable

  • Vendors
    • The application will now correctly validate against duplicate Vendor aliases
  • Cash Receipts: Added a line to display the amount left to distribute when manually entering a cash receipt
    • Searching in ‘Add Cash Receipts’ will now return better results when using the property address or account ID.
    • Fixed a bug where the total balance for a code would not update when creating a cash receipt
    • Ongoing – There is an issue for our clients managing co-ops when entering cash receipts where the amount being auto-filled goes past two decimal places. This is related to owner ratio being set to a high precision (more than two decimal places). A solution is being looked into. Currently, you can edit the amount manually so it only shows two decimal places.
  • Bills & Payments - Drilling into the transaction history of AP (bills, payments) items will display the data correctly now.
  • Remove Transactions - Using the ‘Remove Transaction’ utility for print checks or AP adjustments re-open the payable

General Ledger

  • Chart of Accounts
    • Range Types - Account range types can be change and saved correctly now. Better messaging has been implemented when editing chart of account ranges and types as well to notify how existing accounts will be affected.
    • The Save/Cancel buttons have been relocated to the top right of the page:
  • Journal Entries
    • The feed will now display the reference without have to click or drill into the transaction


  • New Violations - When creating a new violation, you may now search for a property by address or account number in addition to owner name.

Form Letter

  • Resolved several issues where check transactions and documents would not generate
  • All letter templates will now display when performing ‘Send Letter’ actions for a community


  • Owner Reports
    • Annual Meeting Report - ‘Prepaid Balance’ was removed from the Annual Meeting report and replaced with ‘Balance’
  • AP Reports
    • Aged Open Payables will now show the expense account (instead of the payable).
    • Aged Open Payables Fixed an issue where the ‘As Of Date’ was off by one, and also a small label correction for the ‘Over 90’ column
  • GL Reports
    • Balance Sheet Report - Strange interactions with cost centers were causing duplicate accounts to show on the balance sheet. This has been resolved
  • AR Reports
    • Vendor History Report - Vendor History report will no longer display deleted transactions and the export will no longer show duplicate entries
    • Prepaid Owner Report will now respect the entered ‘As Of Date’ when exporting
    • Detailed Income Statement - Budget subtotals have been added for all columns in the Detailed Income Statement
  • Other Reports
    • Audit Log - The audit log will now display in the drop down, and it will now also export


  • Login: When initiating the ‘forgot password’ process to change a password, the promised email should now send.
  • Global Search:  The search will now appropriately filter results based on the community list assigned to the current user
  • Home Page: The KPIs on the home page will now correctly filter figures based on the community list assigned to the current user
  • Activity Feeds: Global feeds (Home page, Bank profiles, User profiles and Vendor profiles) will now display the community associated with the transaction



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