TOPS News and Info — September, 2014

Posted on Sep 5, 2014 5:30:00 AM

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TOPS Go! 2.0

New TOPS Team members

We are pleased to announce that we are reaching the final stages of development on our newest mobile platform: TOPS Go! (2.0). As the number of mobile platforms has progressively increased, this new version of TOPS Go! is device independent - built to work on any platform, including iOS, Android, Windows 8, even your Mac or PC desktop!

We are giving a sneak preview of the new TOPS Go! at the CAMfire Conference in Las Vegas in September. (The feedback from customers who saw it at CAMfire in St Petersburg, FL last month was overwhelmingly enthusiastic!)

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New Faces at TOPS

New TOPS Team members

This past quarter, 3 new employees joined TOPS.
TOPS welcomes Trevor Kurschner, Kate Kosina and Dan Doering
to the TOPS team in Clearwater, Florida!

TOPS Accepted the Challenge!

New TOPS Team members

TOPS accepted the "Ice Bucket Challenge" from Premier Association Management of Central Florida, in order to help raise awareness and money to find a cure for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). TOPS' donation was a splash in the bucket which helped make up the almost 100 million dollars raised by this blockbuster campaign (up from 2 million total last year!). See who TOPS challenged at the end of the video...

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