TOPS GO! 2.1 Now Available

Posted on Oct 12, 2015 7:00:00 AM

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Our servers have been sucessfully updated and TOPS GO! 2.1 is now live.

TOPS Go! 2.1 features some major enhancements, including global filter and sort options, enhanced map view, location tagging and the ability to view and edit community and property owner information.

The new features in this version include the ability to:

  • Maintain filter and sort options as you navigate through the application.
  • Use the map to tag locations for higher location accuracy.
  • Maintain messages and communication activity with Owners.
  • Customize user settings to select a default Home page.
  • Customize default settings to set a courtesy notice delay.
  • Updating of action tables for communities using LAST ACTION calculation method
  • Re-open a violation in the field
  • Download and view images from GO! on your mobile device or any browser.

In addition to the above new features, we are also releasing a new site which will allow you to perform admin functions and in the future, connect with other industry vendors who provide services that work with TOPS GO!


All GO! 2.0 customers should automatically be updated to the new version. If you experience any issues accessing the upgrade, please contact support.

TOPS GO! 1.0 clients should be unafected by this release.

If you are interested in putting TOPS GO! 2.1 in place in your office, please contact your account manager for more information.



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