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Posted on Feb 2, 2016 3:09:34 PM

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2-2-2016_1-11-25_PM.pngAs I write this, I am sitting in the lobby in the Hilton Lake Buena Vista in Orlando Florida. The trucks have arrived and we are unloading boxes and boxes of awesome goodies getting set up for the CAMfire Conference!

If you are on your way here, be sure to pack your flip flops - it's 80 degrees here but it feels like 84, according to the National Weather Service!

But it's not just the weather that's getting us fired up - CAMfire is going to be hot, Hot, HOT! We've been putting together backpacks full of swag and awesome PowerPoint Presentations and videos and giveaways and so, so much more! This is going to be a truly amazing conference.

If you're not on your way to CAMfire, I can only assume that you are locked in your office and cannot escape. If this is a true emergency, please dial 911.

But seriously, you should know that our offices are going to be running a skeleton crew for the rest of the week, as we brought most everyone with us. If you are in need of support, please be patient, as response times may be a bit slower than our usual lightning fast speed. The techs we left chained to their desks will get to you soon. (Alec says 'Please send pizza!')

We also brought the entire sales team with us (it's not a party without them!) so if you need to talk to an account manager or want to make a purchase, please send them an email or just sit on your wallet until Monday when we will be happy to take your money.

You can use the time you are waiting to plan your trip to CAMfire in 2017. Check out our CAMfire Sparks to see what you're missing out on this week!

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