New Hotfix Released 7-10-2015

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 2:20:04 PM

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A new update is being released for TOPS Professional and iQ customers, This update includes a number of fixes and feature updates based on customer feedback. If you wish to ensure that your ideas get seen and included in the program, we encourage you to submit your suggestions in our new IDEAS feature on the TOPS Community

The updates in this hotfix will be available on the launcher Friday, July 10, 2015

TOPS iQ Only

      • NEW GRID! A new grid has been added to TOPS iQ for Service Requests under the Work Order Module. This new grid will allow you to better review, filter, sort and export services request data.
      • Work Order Grid: Added “WO Type Description” to the Column Chooser and in the “Issue To:” column. If the value is <NONE> it will not display.
      • ALL Grids: Corrected an issue that prevented the grids from loading correctly for the first community opened by a user. This was causing some issues when switching between communities if the first community in the list was selected as a starting point.
      • CCR Records was displaying some rogue text "#FINDRECORD#" in the display name. The rogue has been hunted down and subdued.
      • Plug-Ins: Corrected an issue that prevented owner resales to upload to websites. 

TOPS Professional & TOPS iQ

    • TOPS Scheduler running as a Service – Jobs that were scheduled to run daily were not being rescheduled after the first 90 day increment.  The Scheduler has been updated so when jobs are set to run daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, the scheduler will renew the task correctly after the initial run has completed.  If the Scheduler is turned off, the Task will expire.
      Several changes have been made to the iMail mail queue manager:
      • If, for any reason a message fails to be sent, the queue manager will create a backup of the message in the postbox, the message will be skipped, and any other pending messages in the queue will be sent.
      • Corrected an issue that was preventing the Mail Queue manager from shutting down when the TOPS Service was shut down, if the mail queue was being run as a system process.
      • If a user attempts to run the mail queue and it is already running as a system process, a new warning will appear to let the user know the program is already running, and the program will not run a second instance.
    • Owner Mailings – Corrected an issue in which mailings were losing attachments and only the email text was being sent.  This was occurring due to attachments being sent that were over 2Gb.  A memory ceiling was hit which caused the mailings to break down. The ceiling has been removed.
    • Owner Mailings – The system will now evaluate an email address for correct formatting, and will not attempt to generate an email file if the email address is invalid.
    • GL > Reports – Removed a TOPS defunct debug message from the Yearly Spreadsheet > Projected Income report.
    • Enhanced Bills – Corrected an issue that was causing the program to crash when exporting a statement.
    • TOPS Scheduler – ACB Upload – The format was not readable by the Bank when using the ACB auto-upload feature in the Scheduler. This was immediately resolved and the new program released to ACB customers.
    • Internet Backup Service – An issue was resolved where .zip files were not being uploaded for backups.  This was caused by an extra character being appended to the client id when creating the FTP file name.

The above updates apply to the following programs: TOPS iQ, TOPS Professional

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