New Hotfix Released 3/11/2014

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 6:00:00 AM

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A new hotfix for TOPS Professional and TOPS iQ is being released today. This patch includes updates for Global AP, Auto Check Rec, CC&R and other various areas of the program. Read on for a full description of the updates:

Release TOPS

Global AP

  • An issue has been resolved in Global AP when printing Quickbooks w/MICR and Quickbooks MICR – No Sign options. Previously, if you had selected to print checks for more than one community and had one of these options selected as the Check Format, only the first Community would have checks printed. With this release, all Communities with either of these Check Format options, will have checks printed without having to select them individually.

GL Drill Down

  • GL > View Accounts drill down has been modified for Year End Closing accounts.  All YTD and BBF (Beginning Balance Forward) entries will not have the drill down capability any longer. This will prevent journal entries being made to these areas, which are not reported by standard auditing tools and may provide an opportunity for fraudulent activity.

Auto Check Rec

  • When downloading files from Auto Check Rec it is using the date in the 01 record and it should use the date in the 02 record. This causing some files to download but not be registered.

  • Recon Report did not have the option to save the reconciliation report as it does in the Print Bank Reconciliation Report. This has been updated so both reports have the same Save option.

  • The page number on the reconciliation report was not displaying this properly before and numbering sequentially.  The page numbers now start at 1 for each bank account. 

Internet Backup Service

  • Fixed an issue with the Internet Backup Service that would cause the program to spontaneously exit when loading the file list.

Work Order

  • Users selecting a range of dates when printing Work Order reports will now see all expected Work Orders in the selected range of dates.


  • CCR reports were displaying Modified Date and/or Modified By data on the report where other data was supposed to display.

  • Corrected an issue that merged CC&R data incorrectly in form letters when an owner had a second alternate address.



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