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Posted on Jun 17, 2015 5:00:00 AM

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For some time, certain users have reported an intermittent issue wherein after booting their computers, they attempt to log in to TOPS Professional and they receive an error message stating the user name and password is incorrect. In this recent update, we attempted to resolve the problem, with mixed results. This post will explain the issue and also provide a solution to correct it.

The problem:

Disconnected mapped drives – When the TOPS registry is set to look at a mapped drive (such as the network drive that serves as your TOPS server), and that mapped drive is inaccessible because it’s disconnected in Windows, the user is not able to login until they correct the disconnected drive. You can usually tell this is affecting you if you see a red colored X on top of your mapped letter drive. (See screenshot)


This would return an error message stating that the Username and Password was not correct. However, it was due to the fact that TOPS could not reach the correct server path (aka TOPS Data Path), as it was disconnected in Windows.  

If you are experiencing this problem, or you have experienced this problem with disconnected drives – the best way to overcome it is to speak with your IT person and inquire about setting up a batch file or script that would automatically set the mapped letter drives for your individual workstations before the user actually logs in to their desktop.

In the Summer 2015 update, TOPS developers tried to resolve this issue by resetting the user's data path back to the local installation path if the mapped network drive could not be accessed. This helped some, but it didn’t provide much relief for the problem, as a good amount of users did not know the username and password that had been setup locally.  

In this latest update to our launcher program (hotfixed 6/16/2015), we have taken out the functionality that changed the data path from the mapped letter drive, to the local installation path.  However, we have given the ability to view/edit the server path through the TOPS Launcher screen – without having to actually be logged into TOPS.  (See screenshot of the new launcher, displaying the Server Path)


This will allow the user or IT person to view the TOPS Data Path before actually logging in.  If the path is not correct, the user will see this in the TOPS Launcher screen.  Example:  User knows that TOPS is on the “ T drive”  - if the launcher screen shows something different than T:\  or T:\topssoft , they’ll know the path is incorrect, and have a way to immediately fix the incorrect path (by clicking the link) without having to contact an IT person, or dive into the workstation's registry. 

The launcher is the only file affected in this hotfix. To receive the new launcher, click the update link on your TOPS Professional Launcher.

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