September Program Updates

Posted on Sep 28, 2013 9:31:00 AM

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Job Streaming

  • Several new options have been added to the Job Streaming category AR > Bills & Coupons > Statement File to accommodate printing statements through the following vendors: 
    • Alpha Graphics
    • Optimal Outsource
    • SouthData
  • The "Print Form Letter" option in Job Streaming has been renamed to "Print Collection Letters". This function also now supports the new Form Letter program.
  • Creating and scheduling a new job through Job Streaming, then deleting the job from the scheduler was previously not allowing a new job of the same type to be created and scheduled.  This issue has been resolved and will now schedule jobs properly.
  • Scheduling a Mailing Label job through Job Streaming/Calendar Scheduler will now print correctly.
  • When you select "Run an Existing Job" from Job Streaming the button "Show Last Run" was changed to "Job Log". Now, if a job has an error in the Status Column, you can select the job and click "Job Log".  This will show the error that was found when the job was run. 
  • Scheduling a job through Job Streaming will now show the full Date and Time that is scheduled on both the TOPS Scheduler and the TOPS Calendar.

Accounts Payable

  • Deleting an unposted invoice from Enter AP will now also delete the transaction from Vendor History.   

Accounts Receivable

  • A scanline has been added  to Enhanced Bills & Statements for Association Capital Bank (Texas Capital).
  • A scanline has been added to Enhanced Bills & Statements for Union Bank (SmartStreet).

Form Letter

  • Adding records via CCR Batch Processing is populating the CCR Current Action Date now as expected. Also, when creating a new record via Records, the date is pulling in based on the # of days that is set up for the code that is being used.  (i.e. 0 days, 1 days, 5 days, etc.).    

Global Module

  • The lockbox format for NorthState Bank has been updated to allow for hold payment status and a second homeowner.
  • Glocal > AP VENDOR BUSINESS ANALYSIS report now shows filter options.


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