CAM Mash Up: This Week (Mar 24-28, 2014)

Posted by Brianna Sturm on March 29, 2014

This week in Community Association Management

This week in Community Association Management: the value of HOAs, unenforceable rules, street signs, websites, tumbleweeds and cute animals with great advice!

As an educated member of the Community Association Management industry, you already know how crucial it is to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trends and happenings within the industry. Each week, we bring together our favorite reads of the week and share them with you! Enjoy the CAM Mash-Up and feel free to share it too!

What's it worth to ya?

If all the HOAs in America were disolved tomorrow, what would happen? According to this article that looks at statistical evidence, our homes would be worth a lot less, and governments would pay a whole lot more! 


Enforcing the Unenforceable

We've all heard stories (and maybe even experienced firsthand) community associations with unusual rules that are difficult to enforce. But rules that contradict the law are another matter. Here are three unenforceable rules you need to check for in your community documents.


Here's your Sign

Signs - every community association collects them. After a while they can get old or outdated and generally clutter up the community which can bring down curb appeal. Here are some tips for managing the signage in your associations to instantly make it look more appealing.


Still Holding Out?

Is it possible that in 2014 there are still associations out there that don't have a website? Shockingly, the answer is yes. If you need to convince your boards, here are 4 reasons why you should have a website. 


How do you Spell Relief?

Congress passed it and the President has officially signed it into law. Homeowners who have been facing flood insurance rate hikes as high as $20k next year, now have some relief


Tumbleweeds-1, HOA-0

Here's one for the CAM "X-files". Neighbors move in to a brand new association only to be buried in tumbleweeds so bad they reach second-story windows and bury the residents cars!


Pocket Mentor

Want some free advice you can carry around in your pocket? How about this new eBook that's jam packed with advice from CAM professionals on every topic related to your business! Check out this informative (and adorable) slideshare for a sample:  


Do You Have Big News This Week?

If you've got big news that would be relevant to other CAM professionals, please share it with us in the comments below: 


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