CAM Mash Up: This Week (Feb 8-14, 2015)

Posted by Brianna Sturm on February 15, 2015
This week in Community Association Management

Happy day after Valentine's! I hope love was in the air for you this week! It certainly was for the CAM industry! We learned how to use science to seduce prospective boards, how to lure homeowners to annual meetings, and short term rental control plus travel tips for those love-birds who are just trying to get away. It all happened this week in Community Association Management!

Please enjoy!

As an educated member of the Community Association Management industry, you already know how crucial it is to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news, trends and happenings within the industry. Each week, we bring together our favorite reads of the week and share them with you! Enjoy the CAM Mash Up and feel free to share it too!

The Art of Seduction

Science can solve so many problems, but this week we discover that it can even solve love. In this awesome slide share, you'll learn how to use the the scence of Behavioral Economics to make your community association prospects fall in love with you (and fall over themselves to sign your contract!)

Scheduling Owner Meetings

When scheduling an owners meeting, what factors do you consider when it relates to time? You obviously consider major holiday such as Christmas and New Year’s, but how about lesser observed ones from other religions? Or what about major sporting events such as the Super Bowl? It may sound silly, but these are definitely factors to consider if you want high attendance!

If You Post it, They Might Come

Speaking of meetings, the worst kind of annual meeting is the kind that's null and void due to a lack of enough attendees to make quorum. How can you combat that? Try these tips on how to get homeowners to attend your annual meetings.

Would You Make a Good Board Member?

Here's ome to share: “Have you thought about how nice it would be to make a difference in your community, but feared that you may not have the right skills for the job? Here’s a secret: Even wanting to serve on the HOA Board is a pretty good indicator that you’ve got potential! A passion to serve is critical to Board success! And if a current Board member has encouraged you to step up and lend a hand, well: That’s even more promising!”

Air BnB

Coming from someone who has personally used Air BnB in the past, I can completely understand why homeowners associations would be fed up with short term rental services like it. I once rented a beautiful apartment that was one of 6 units within an old renovated house. Everything about it was beautiful and charming. However, once you entered the home, there was only one set of stairs in which all residents shared. We frequently passed other owners in the halls as we were making our way to and from the apartment and they certainly didn’t welcome us with open arms, which I get! It may be time for some new rules for Air BnB.

Bed Bug Protection

Checking for bugs has become routine for me every time I travel. My travel companions usually shoot me a judging look as I am pulling back the fitted sheet of the hotel mattress in search of anything suspicious, but better safe than sorry! Check out this list on how to best protect yourself from unwanted pests.

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