Safe and Happy Holiday Communications for your community associations

Posted by Stefanie Ford on October 16, 2013


Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. (It comes so quickly!) I’m sure you've noticed decorations going up, pumpkins being carved, and candy being sold in the stores.

Of course, during a time of year that strangers are encouraged to dress in costumes and scare children, safety becomes an important issue for parents everywhere. One way you can contribute to your communities is to help them find ways to encourage safety at Halloween time.

How does safety relate to property management? Finding ways to protect your communities may not directly be your job, but keeping homeowners informed benefits everyone. Use this time to get out some safety info to your homeowners and remind them that you care!

Halloween Tips to Share

  • Inform residents of trick or treating times (generally between 6pm and 8pm) and general safety rules in the community
  • Remind residents to keep a light on during trick or treating times if they wish to give out candy. (If they do not, remind them to turn lights off!) 
  • Keep owners in the loop on how to protect their properties and mail boxes from pranksters that like to smash pumpkins into them.
  • Offer an alternative to traditional trick or treating, such as Trunk or Treat, where people decorate their car trunks and have buckets of goodies in them. This is a good and safe alternative to going and knocking on doors. (Plus you can have a decorating contest!)

  • Remind residents of the community rules regarding holiday decorations, and any other relevant rules that may be an issue during holiday times.

Communication is a key factor in a great property management company. Effective communication builds trust, respect and a better understanding of who you are. Being a good communicator will help with problem solving and will help you provide great customer service.

For example, you may not be able to call someone back right away. But communicating that you will reach out to them within the next 24 hours gives them a sense of security, knowing you will get back to them in a timely manner. (The best thing about the technology we have available now are the many avenues of communication -- Websites, Emails, Newsletters, letters, and phone calls!)

Keep your communities informed!