The Dos and Don'ts of choosing a community management software

Posted by Ryan Beazley on October 1, 2013

dos and donts

In order to run a successful business one must perform the correct practices. Everything you DO can be categorized as a “Do” and as a “Don’t”. The same applies when searching for software to handle your day to day operations in Condo and HOA management. DO me a favor and make a check list from the following “Dos” and the following “Don’ts”. DO you have what it takes to making the right choice on your community management software? Let’s take a look and find out!

  • DO include market research in your pursuit for business out there. Your business strategy should be based on the size and market for your business. Market research helps to determine achievability of your idea, an appropriate business strategy for your customers and the product or service's likelihood of selling. Market research = credibility to your organization.
  • DON’T set limitations on managing your business. By placing restrictions on your business, it constrains the growth of your company. Ultimately, not allowing you to grow and be more profitable. You should choose industry specific software over off the shelf software.
  • DO set goals. Aim high and aim BIG. Why limit yourself to something short of what you are capable of?
  • DON’T get in the habit of performing double/triple entry. Unfortunately, these bad habits can waste so much time. We all know that time is precious. If your software requires you to manually enter in something more than once…..BEWARE!
  • DO get a strong supporting cast to back up your company’s ultimate goal of being successful. Your employees are the foundation and backbone of your company. A knowledgeable staff member, who is experienced in your software, will produce positive results.
  • DON’T be discouraged. If you don’t see maximum return on your investment right away, it’s not the end of the world! Stay true to your idea and keep your chips in as long as possible before throwing in your hand. Choose a software provider that offers tons of training!
  • DO use technology. It’s readily available to you at your disposal. A successful business needs computers, software, tablets, etc. to run effectively. 

After running down the list, I hope you possess the qualities when successively selecting your software provider. Uncover the needs of your company in order to maximize the profit. Simplify your decisions by DOs and DON’Ts. Good luck!



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