Management Companies: Are you Winning (or Losing!) Business with Social Media? (VIDEO)

Are You Winning (or Losing) business with Social Media

This week, TOPS gave a new webinar on social media as it applies to Community Association Management. The webinar, titled "Are you Winning (or Losing) Business with Social Media?" talked about some of the things that we at TOPS have learned about social media in this industry, and how, even if you are not aware of what's out there, it can still hurt you.  

If you are community association management company, or involved in the Condo or HOA management industry, this presentation shows you how you can leverage social media to help win new client communities and establish a better relationship with condo and HOA board members and homeowners. 

Thanks again to everyone who attended, and particularly to attendee and TOPS User Ben Isip of Towers Property Management in Central Florida who tweeted mid-presentation! (right)

(Sadly, we cannot take any credit at all for that awesome infographic - that one was created by Avalaunch Media, and has been making it's way around the Internet of late)


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