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The TOPS CAM Blog is a resource for the Community Association Management industry. With the CAM Blog, we are committed to providing high quality, USEFUL information to CAM professionals. In the CAM Blog, you will find information that gives you the tools you need to improve your job, whether you are a property manager, accountant or bookkeeper, management company entreprenuer, board member, or a member of any of the thousands of other organizations that serve community associations.

The CAM Blog is presented by TOPS Software, an industry-leading software designed for the management of HOAs, Condominiums, and other common interest community associations. In our 30 years in the CAM industry, TOPS has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on community association management, both from our own collective experiences, and from our thousands of customers. The CAM Blog is our venue to share that information with you.


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Who Writes the CAM Blog?


  • Guest Bloggers
    A number of industry powerhouses have guest posted on the TOPS CAM Blog. Check out all of our guest posts to learn from the likes of Paul Grucza, Julie AdamenCraig Huntington and Donna DiMaggio Berger, as well as many others who have shared their community management wisdom!
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  • Jeffrey S Hardy
    Jeff is the founder of TOPS Software, and former owner of a successful management company. Jeff has a wealth of helpful information on community association management to share. 
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  • Mike Hardy
    Mike is the president and CEO of TOPS Software. He regularly speaks to CAM management company executives on advanced technologies and their affect on this industry.
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  • Andrea Drennen
    A 15-year member of the Community Association Management industry, and a former bookkeeper, Andrea Drennen has worn lots of hats, and she has the hat-hair to prove it!
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  • Nancy Marry
    Nancy is one of the team leads for TOPS support. Nancy is an accounting specialist with a wry sense of humor. She can take a traditionally boring subject (accounting) and make it fun and informative.
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  • Brianna Sturm
    Representing the millennial point of view, Brianna Sturm brings a cheerful and optimistic perspective to community association management.
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  • Tony Hatzidakis
    Most often a contributer to the visual presentation of TOPS products and services, photographer and graphic artist Tony Hatzidakis also adds a few words to the CAM Blog.
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The CAM Blog is published 2 times a week. During the week, we'll publish a meat-and-potatoes article with lots of healthy community association industry goodness, and then on the weekend, you'll get dessert - The CAM Mashup, which is a weekly roundup of relevant news and articles across the Internet that relate to community association management.